I’m going to cut right to the chase here, it’s going to be hot this weekend. Not minor inconvenience hot, I’m talking surface of the sun, boiling lava, internal temperature of a Hot Pocket hot. And even though you’re an adult and you can take care of yourself, I am making it my civic duty to share some tips for making through the next few days of mid-July misery. 




The joke goes that humans are basically complicated house plants who need water and sunlight to live. The sunlight part is pretty easy, you typically absorb plenty of sunshine in your day to day life. But studies have shown that many people do not drink enough water during the day, and with the heat reaching upwards of 100 degrees this weekend drinking enough water cannot be stressed enough! 


My advice is to add some fruit or cucumbers to glass of ice water for a light and refreshing way to keep up your liquid intake. 


Stay Indoors


Indoor kids rejoice, it is our time to shine! When temperatures and the heat index reach the levels they are predicted to hit this weekend, spending too much time outside can be dangerous. Be sure to take a break from the heat by staying indoors or scheduling an indoor activity such as visiting a local library, walking around the mall, or catching a movie. 


Disney’s newest live-action reboot The Lion King is being released this weekend, a perfect way to beat the heat during the day and enjoy the classic story of Hamlet told through lions. 


Know The Symptoms of Heat Related Illness


Heat related illnesses can affect people in different ways, so it is best to recognize a variety of symptoms. Symptoms can include: Nausea, Headaches, Muscle Cramps, Loss of Coordination, or a general sick feeling. 


Heat related illness should be treated as quickly as possible with a cold water bath is regarded as the most effective way of lowering the body’s temperature.


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