This week, it was revealed that we as a country say that vanilla is our favorite ice cream flavor. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? How is vanilla STILL the country’s favorite ice cream flavor. 

Seriously guys, vanilla? The flavor that we use as a term to describe things that are plain or boring, vanilla? What is this post-war America, where we only get one flavor and we have to be happy about it?

No! This is 2019, and things may night be a rosie as the post-war boom, but damn it if I settle for vanilla! Here are five infinitely better ice creams than the baseline nonsense that is vanilla.

ChocolatePhoto Credit: Pexels

What argument do I even need to make here, it’s chocolate. Chocolate ice cream solves so many of life’s problems with its creamy indulgence. If you get a 50/50 of vanilla and chocolate, or a Neapolitan, what flavor do you eat first? CHOCOLATE.


Cookies and Cream Photo Credit: Pixabay

Another vastly superior flavor, cookies and cream has the added benefit of Oreos existing and being delicious. Therefore, an ice cream that taste like Oreos is a home run.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Photo Credit: YouTube

Hey is there a way to take chocolate ice cream and make it better? Add peanut butter. Listen, I understand there are people out there who don’t like peanut butter, but those people are wrong and you should politely ask them to leave your house. 


Black Raspberry Photo Credit: FoodiesFeed

You know that one flavor at the Ice Cream place that is purplish and looks like no one has touched it? That’s because we are all afraid of the awesome power of black raspberry and its abilities to end wars. That last bit might not be true, but it’s still better than vanilla. 


Mint Chocolate Chip Photo Credit: Pixabay

I am going to be honest right now, I don’t care for this flavor at all. There is something about the cool refreshing mint taste and dark chocolate chips mixed into the ice cream that in no way satisfies my fat guy cravings. By now you’ve probably figured out that I am being sarcastic and have nothing but praise for this delicious offering. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, don’t change a thing. 



There you have it, five ice cream flavors that put vanilla to shame. And if you’ve read this just now and you still aren’t convinced then there is no hope for you. I suggest possibly opening up to the world of flavors out there. If Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors and you’re only eating one of them, maybe you’re doing something wrong. 


Thumbnail Photo Credit: Pexels

Empty Cones Photo Credit: Pexels



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