This week we go to Dog Star Rescue where we feature Rod Stewart!

No autographs, please! It’s hard being a rock star, but Rod Stewart makes it look effortless (and without that rock star attitude!). He is an adult brown Cocker Spaniel weighing around 35 lbs. He is a super friendly, sweet, lovable guy who needs nothing more than a loving forever family to spend the rest of his days with. Sure his rocker fur could use a little coiffing, but one trip to the groomer and this guy will be stage ready once again. Rod Stewart is just about house trained and crate trained but keep in mind that any dog may have an accident or two as they settle into their new homes. He walks well on a leash so feel free to take him on a world tour…or maybe just a neighborhood tour. We are unsure how Rod Stewart would do in a home with cats, children or other dogs as we have not had the opportunity to see him interact with them. This sweet boy deserves a lifetime of love and snuggles, are you the forever family that could give him just that? Are you ready to become this rock stars #1 fan? Interested in adopting Rod Stewart? To get the ball rolling head over to and submit your application today. A Dog Star representative will contact you within 24 hours. If you do not hear back within 24 hours, please check your spam folder. To help speed up the process, please call your vet and give them permission to speak with us.

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