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Amy Grey In The Morning



Amy Grey

AMY GREY gets you up and going in the morning – with Amy Grey in the Morning on Radio 104.1! She is also Assistant Program Director for all of the FULL POWER RADIO stations. The company is based in CONNECTICUT, and operates 28 stations in a variety of formats in HARTFORD, PROVIDENCE, SPRINGFIELD, and NEW LONDON. GREY has worked for FULL POWER RADIO for the past 13 years.

Amy Grey has been in radio for 30 years!! She has been on almost every FULL POWER RADIO station and knows what makes them tick.  She starts early and stays late and takes new broadcasters under her wing and provides them with guidance and inspiration.

Amy Grey is a CT Market Veteran! She is also Career Counselor for CSB MEDIA CENTER helping grads find jobs in the industry.

Follow her on IG at @amygreyofficial