This week we go to Dog Star Rescue where we feature Cesera. Cesara is an approximately 47 lbs, adult, possible Chocolate Lab/Terrier Mix- but truly an adorable Heinz-57- a little bit of everything mixed breed . Her coat is a beautiful red and white, with the most adorable little white paws that look like mittens. Cesara is truly as sweet as they come. She is an exceptional girl who just loves to be hugged and cuddled, and she has so much love to give in return!
She is a fantastic dog with a wonderful personality- she is very happy and confident, and she has a medium to high energy level. If you are looking for a running partner, Cesara is your girl! She is the type of pup who loves plenty of activity, and loves to have fun. Although she is an adult, her personality and energy level tends to resemble that of a puppy at times. Plenty of playtime would make this girl especially happy! Cesara is selective and particular when it comes to her doggie friends, but would much rather be your one and only furbaby. While in foster care, she lived around older children and did very well with them however she is not good with cats.  Cesara is crate trained and house trained, though it is important to understand that sometimes dogs regress with house training as they adjust to a new home. She is super easy to train and already understands the cues of  “sit ” and “stay”.  Cesara walks beautifully on a leash- she loves to trot and prance and she takes in the world around her.  Cesara is the type of girl that once you spend time with her, you just can’t help but to fall in love with her. And it becomes very clear that she has such an appreciation for a better life and for the humans who care for her. For more information on Cesera go to or e-mail

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